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A Men's Conference that Transforms Lives

The Locker Room men's conference is scripture-based experience and prepares you to be a Mighty Man of God.

When you know something has to give and has to change...and you are seeking true fulfillment... it's time to join the Locker Room. 

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The world bombards us with messages about what we should think is important. But God has a Purpose for our lives - and its unique to each of us. 


Join us to discover the Apex of your Christ-like walk. 

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Churches and faith communities across the Central United States are hosting Locker Room Men's Conferences and seeing a true transformation in their communities. 

Invest in your men and host a Locker Room conference. 

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Our next Locker Room Men's Conference is located in Edmond, OK at Edmond First Nazarene on Saturday, June 15, 2019.



God has called us to reach out to men to encourage and challenge them to realize God’s abundant purpose for their lives.  We all have been gifted to do certain things.  What are those gifts?  How can they be used to further the kingdom of God?


The world bombards us with messages about what we should think is important. Men need to understand God's Purpose for their lives - God has one for each of us. 

Unless a man grasps this, he'll never achieve the Apex of his Christ-like walk and fulfillment will allude him to the grave. 

What is Apex Dash?

Mark Martinez


Mark Martinez has a heart for the men of the church, and believes God wants all men to do the spiritual work necessary to be the intentional husband, intentional father, and intentional leader He has called them to be.


Mark leads the Men's Ministry at Cross Points Church in Shawnee, KS. He has a Masters degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. He manages people, projects, and budgets in his general manager role at Johnson Controls, Inc., for which he has worked since 1998.

Mark has been married to Tracy for 23 years, and they have three kids that bring much satisfaction and joy to his life. He enjoys cycling, coaching baseball, and working in the yard. 

Josh Wilkens


Josh has a passion for helping men understand their God-given purpose in life and how they can best utilize the natural abilities they have to reach their APEX - all to further the kingdom by touching the lives of the people they meet. 


Josh has spent most of his life intensely competing whether in sports or business or just about anything he does.  However, it wasn't until God revealed to him his own passivity that Josh truly began striving "toward the mark" in the race God really wanted him to run.

Josh is part of the leadership of the Men's Ministry at Cross Points Church in Shawnee, KS.  He has a Bachelors degree in Engineering from Kansas State University and MBA from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. He is a regional sales director at Johnson Controls, Inc., for which he has worked since 1998.  Josh and his wife Kristy live in De Soto, KS with their three boys.


Already a Classic

Married for 50 years, The Locker Room fueled conversations to make their great marriage even better. 

Through the Fire

Are you praying your way out of the fires in your life? Or praying your way through them? 

Get Up

What is holding you back from changing your life and intentionally living your dash? 

Let's Be Real

Robbie was enlightened by his experience at
The Locker Room Men's Conference. 


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